Enfield Prep is the new hot tv show playing in Leviiain and CW11 otherwise known as Pix11. It is written by Noelle Jacequeline who is currently helping to direct it as well. Other tv shows written by Noelle Jacequeline is Beautiful little liars, The Secret Sphere and Peter & Penthea.

Enfield Prepis about many characters and their struggles through being wealthy in high school and having parents not understand who they are. It's your classic coming of age tv show.

Enfield Preparatory

The network's Television Show

Type T.V. Show
Location New York City, NY
Inhabitants Noelle Jaqueline

Hollyn Davenport as Pace Fannings

Caprica Jones as Carni Heights

Blair Shivens as Donella Collins

Rhett Quills as Reba Waterson

Lucas Lanip as Excell Waterson

Quincy Johnson as Findlay Harrison

Althea Hape as Blythe Fannings

Halea Crane as Zelda Quane

Zach Tawn as Donny Uvia

Xena Gail as Vixen Copeland

Phina Ophelia as Abiline Dayton

Bovary Clant as Cherlyn Catrice

Chris Ol'Donald as Carter Richardson

Bryce Bronx as Danny Trooper

Zlyphia Hartworth as Eunictine Olena

Wylie Tulip as Nevelyn Rose

Dottie Birdie as Cynda Satin

Sarah Rogers as Donica Wayne

Almanze Wayde as Dionne Fields

Bella Quake as Vivica Fannings

Concetta Pine as Ajana Reed

Bead Scarletta as Chandi Dodderson

Cardine Smith as Charner Salind

Gaynor Sampson as Lacy Curruthers

Elianna Saps as Deatrice Fields

Jace Robertson as Ian Whiter

Otillie Aaron as Chandra Foreson

Nadine Devette as Divine Philly

Ethylene Node as Flo Grtechen

Dionara Tin as Blynthia Yvette

Quinn Lainey as Beate Whiter